Rebuilding the APBB.NET web site, so please be patient  as I learn how to do this (it’s been moved to a cloud hosted site for better reliability and less maintenance).

Goals are to have a site that shows you what we can do for you and what is happening with the network.

So, what we can do for you and where:

Residential grade Internet: (all up-to)

Silver Plan:  3.5M/1.5M

Gold Plan: 6M/3M

Platinum Plan: 8M/3M

*Gold or Platinum plans are the go-to’s if you are streaming.  There are no bandwidth caps.  This is a low latency, terrestrial wireless network and is thus good for VOIP or gaming.

Business class:

Separate hardware from the residential network, high level of QoS.

Accounts are custom and start at $100/mo.

Where: All of the Applegate Valley from Board Shanty Road East to Ruch, including all the side canyons (Williams, Missouri Flat, Thompson Creek, Humbug, China Gulch) including Griffin Creek in the Little Applegate.

Interested? Call 541.846.7135 or sales@apbb.net

Need support?  Call 541.846.7135 or support@apbb.net

Billing system is at:https://www.billandpay.com/web/login.php?m=5007

Serving the Applegate Valley since 2000