Applegate Broadband

Our Service

"Fast, always on, low-latency Broadband"

It's fast and always on

Fast to very, very fast 24/7 access to the Internet. Everyone in the household can listen to music, read the news, check the weather, get phone service, chat with friends and family, send photos, simultaneously, on multiple computers, and without interruption. Businesses can expect uninterrupted low latency service with 24/7 monitoring.

No more worrying about who's trying to call you while you are online. In addition you can also get your phone service using Broadband Internet phone services like,, —one low price (or no price in the case of for unlimited calls to or from US or anywhere in the developed world!

Low latency and Bandwidth to burn

VOIP phones, Skype, games, and VPNs actually work on a network powered by high quality equipment from manufacturers like Trango Broadband and Motorola in order to deliver to you the performance you have purchased.

Need Speed? We have it!

We've got what you want. Our plans support business-grade connectivity to residential service, starting from $34.95/mo.

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